Debrief, reflection & looking ahead

SPACE Consortium
2 min readOct 30, 2022
The SPACE Consortium team in Budapest

After the successful pilot and a summer break, (part of) the team behind SPACE Consortium got together in Budapest to usher in the final year of the Erasmus+-supported, trans-European project.

Naturally, the debrief of the pilot was on the agenda. The team discussed their expectations and the actual turnout, their personal feedback, as well as their observations during the pilot programme. The feedback of the participating teachers included valuable points for the future shape of the programme. By combining both personal and teacher reflections, the team reassessed all the teaching materials: students’ workbook, teacher handbook and STEM guide.

Going through the material lesson by lesson, the team found various adjustments to be made to give the lesson material the final touch. Making the teacher handbook more concise and compact, integrating the STEM guide better into the teacher handbook, as well as adding the fascinating new imagery of the James Webb Telescope for the students’ workbook and lesson slides — the team has a lot to do before the end of the project in summer 2023. The analysis of the surveys pre-pilot programme and post-pilot programme are also currently being assessed in order to measure the impact of the pilot programme.

Off to Year 3 and back to the drawing board!

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The SPACE Consortium is a transnational collaboration of education professionals from France, Hungary, Italy and the Netherlands and is co-funded by the European Union.



SPACE Consortium

Virtual Reality education programme co-funded by the European Union, aiming to inspire children worldwide to take action against climate change.