The SpaceBuzz in ARTIS Amsterdam waiting for students to experience the Overview Effect.

Happy New Year 2022 — and year two of the SPACE Consortium!

Happy New Year 2022! We enter the second year of the SPACE Consortium project and can’t wait what the new year has in store for us.

The materials are almost finalised and we are currently sketching out the pilot tour in the spring. Most of all, we are looking forward to more in-person meetings with everyone involved like we had in Amsterdam in November 2021. Our team members couldn’t agree more:

“For the first time since the beginning of the project in 2020, the SPACE Consortium team had the opportunity to meet in person! So great to see each other and be able to exchange without a screen and kilometers between us! The bonus: we experienced the SpaceBuzz! We are super excited to bring it to France in spring!”
- Audrey, La Casemate (France)

“The meeting in Amsterdam was a challenge for me personally, as I had to make the journey without my colleague. Nevertheless, I found the exchange and the work with the project partners from the other countries very interesting and intensive. It was good to meet everyone “in the flesh” and to exchange ideas in person. I was able to take away many new experiences and learned a lot. The highlight, of course, was the “flight” in SpaceBuzz.”
- Veronika, SSB Bruneck 1 (Italy)

What’s next?

The next in-person meeting was planned soon in Budapest. We wanted to focus on teaching the trainers, who will then, among others, prepare the teachers of the participating schools for the pilot and get them accustomed to the lesson material. Due to the spread of the Omicron variant we are currently pausing the plans for the next in-person meeting and hope to reconvene soon.

Written by Laurin Ivetic (Education Coordinator, SPACE Consortium)

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The SPACE Consortium is a transnational collaboration of education professionals from France, Hungary, Italy and the Netherlands and is supported by Erasmus+.




Virtual Reality education programme in the making, aiming to inspire children worldwide to take action against climate change.

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SPACE Consortium

SPACE Consortium

Virtual Reality education programme in the making, aiming to inspire children worldwide to take action against climate change.

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