Patrick Arnaud in action at the Jean Jaurès school

One more step towards the Space Buzz experience for the Jean Jaurès school in Echirolles!

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3 min readMar 25, 2022


On March 23, 2022, one class of the Jean Jaurès school in Echirolles once again welcomed Patrick Arnaud, training engineer at the Maison pour la Science Alpes Dauphiné and partner of La Casemate for the SPACE Consortium project for an additional session en route to space…

It is also in space and more particularly in the Solar System that students started the journey this day! In a previous session, the group learned a lot about the planets of the Solar System, from their position in relation to the Sun to their own specificities. Following this discovery, everyone was invited to choose their favourite planet, to draw it on a postcard and write on the back of it why they had chosen it. Among the students’ favourite planets: Earth and Mars!

The Earth was identified by many students as a unique planet in the spatial landscape. Matteo tells us, for example, that Earth is his favourite planet because on Earth “there is everything and the most beautiful places”! Madison underlines this “magnificent blue color” of the planet and Nassim explains that he loves the Earth because he has their “feelings, parents, friends”… A step already taken towards one objective of the project that is raising awareness of the beauty and fragility of the Earth.

The creations of the school children at the Jean Jaurès school.

The rest of the lesson focused on this magnificent blue planet. From space, thousands of satellites in orbit make it possible to collect information on the planet: on its oceans, its atmosphere, its weather, its temperatures, the composition of its atmosphere, the height of its ice, etc. Thanks to satellite photos, we observe the evolutions of the Earth. And the Earth is in constant natural evolution: the tectonic plates which cut its surface into a kind of puzzle is a good example. They move several centimeters each year, causing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or even tsunamis.

At the end of the session, children were more motivated than ever and had only one question in mind: when will they experience the virtual reality experience? They only have one more challenge to accomplish before this long-awaited moment, to pass the training of an astronaut!

Written by Audrey Korczynska (Project Manager, La Casemate)

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The SPACE Consortium is a transnational collaboration of education professionals from France, Hungary, Italy and the Netherlands and is supported by Erasmus+. In France, the project is coordinated by La Casemate de Grenoble in close collaboration with La Maison pour la Science Alpes Dauphiné. Thanks to Catherine Dos Santos for her welcome at the Jean Jaurès school in Échirolles.



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